New video series focuses on workplace mental health

Angele Poitras

WSN launches free 15-min. safety talk videos for employers and workers

This month, Workplace Safety North (WSN) launched a series of free safety talk videos that focus on workplace mental health.

Workplace Mental Health Safety Talks includes a set of seven pre-recorded 15-minute talks on topics like stress, stigma, anxiety and youth, the importance of having conversations, and a general overview of mental health, mental illness, and mental harm.

“Everyone in the workplace has a shared responsibility for health and safety, including both physical and psychological health and safety,” says Angele Poitras, Community Engagement Specialist at Workplace Safety North and Psychological Health and Safety Advisor certified with the Canadian Mental Health Association. “Psychological safety is a culture where everyone feels welcomed and safe.”

The videos were developed to help meet the demand of employers and workers for quick and easy access to key information around workplace mental health. Viewers are introduced to the mental health continuum and guided on how to have a mental health conversation.

Workplace Mental Health Safety Talk video topics

  • Mental Health awareness session
  • Stamping out Stigma
  • It's Okay Not to Be Okay
  • RU OK? How to have the Conversation
  • You’re on Mute: Dealing with Stress
  • Supporting Young Workers
  • Covid and Me

“The series was developed from sessions Workplace Safety North provided across the province for employers,” says Poitras, “and it’s an excellent way to get the mental health conversation going in your workplace.

“As workplace health and safety evolves, particularly since the pandemic, it’s become clearer than ever that health and safety needs to be more holistic and take into account both home and work environments, as well as physical and psychological safety,” adds Poitras. “These videos help address a need for introductory workplace mental health information, and our hope is that employers and workers take advantage of the free series.”

Access Workplace Mental Health Safety Talk Videos here:

The WSN Workplace Mental Health Training Series connects you with a team of Psychological Health and Safety Advisors, certified by the Canadian Mental Health Association, and are experts in workplace mental health training and occupational health and safety. 


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