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Canadian Corrugated and Containerboard Association introduces bilingual video series

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Carlo was severely injured when he was hit by a mobile machine in the workplace; when he regained consciousness he thought he was paralyzed.

Fortunately, he was able to return to work, and he shares his story with other workers through a new set of workplace safety videos set in the manufacturing work environment and designed to introduce new and young workers to health and safety topics.

“It’s important to always have safety in mind because things can happen in a split second. Safety’s not just a rule, it’s a mindset. You have to keep in mind at all times,” says Carlo. “I felt very lucky to be walking again.”

The videos were developed by the Canadian Corrugated and Containerboard Association (CCCA) health and safety subcommittee, with the idea of making them available, in bilingual format, to all of their members.

“This is an excellent way to open any health and safety meeting,” says Allen Kirkpatrick, CCCA Executive Director. “They are riveting stories. These were shot in our plants, with our own people – real life situations. After many people viewed the videos, we’ve heard they’re ideal for all employees, and not just the initial hires into our plants. 

“It’s intended to introduce a topic, such as slips and falls, or proper lifting techniques – and have that two- or three-minute video used by an association member at an individual private meeting of their own company. From that introductory video, the member could then go into specifics at that particular worksite.

"The key purpose was to bring new employees into the system with more knowledge and training – a tool to help those new employees have a better and faster fit into the safety of our workplace. With the amount of temporary workers being used across the different companies, with the differences in language – for example, how do we handle a group of five, six, or seven temp workers coming in Monday morning? This is a very proactive for new workers unfamiliar with the workplace,” says Kirkpatrick. 

Health and safety orientation videos available on CCCA website

For French version, click ‘French’ language on CCA website.

1. Mobile equipment safety (3:45)

2. Lock out and tag out (1:20)

3. Lifting techniques (2:08)

4. Do’s and don’ts (1:57)


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