Mobile Equipment Assessments

Eliminate equipment injuries in your workplace

Mobile equipment is the one of the leading causes of serious injury in Ontario’s mining industry. With thousands of vehicles operating in underground and surface mines, key issues include:

  • Restricted visibility leading to collisions with people, other equipment and objects

  • Inadequate maintenance and improper operation

  • Lack of appropriate signage, training and adherence to procedures

Mobile Equipment Assessment

Workplace Safety North delivers a mobile equipment assessment that measures the quality of the safety program related to mine haulage and service equipment. The assessment process includes:

  • Review of policies related to mobile equipment use

  • Review of procedures in place to ensure safe use of mobile equipment

  • Review of maintenance and inspection activities to ensure the mobile equipment is safe

  • when used

  • Review of procedures in place to ensure new or contracted equipment meets the

  • company standards

  • Assessment of company standards in light of legislated requirements and industry practices

  • Assessment of how well the workers understand and comply with the company mobile

  • equipment standards

  • A visual inspection of the workplace

Recommendations are presented, complete with observations of any areas out of compliance, in a comprehensive, confidential report which follows the visit. A sample of the report is provided below.


The assessment is a service provided by WSN with a fee to cover cost of consumables, travel, hotel accommodation and meals of personnel. Travel time and associated costs are estimated from Sudbury.