Cargo Securement For Forestry Operations

Logs, lumber and heavy equipment are among the cargo types covered by specific requirements in the National Safety Code Standard 10 - Cargo Securement, which is the legislated standard in Ontario. To help industry comply with these requirements, WSN has produced forestry-specific cargo securement training based on a program originally developed by the Canadian Council of Motor Vehicle Transport Administrators.

Cargo Securement for Forestry Operations consists of two modules on general cargo securement principles and requirements, and three modules on specific securement requirements relating to loads of logs, lumber and heavy machinery.

The course covers all the key requirements of the new Cargo Securement Standard regarding working load limits, the types, number and placement of tiedowns related to specific cargo configurations and the driver's responsibility for periodic inspection of loads during transportation. The length of the course will depend on how many of the three cargo-specific modules are delivered.

Intended Audience:

The course is aimed primarily at truck operators who haul forest products such as logs and dressed lumber, and similar building products, or who may be required to haul heavy forestry machinery on float trailers. Trucking operators and supervisors, workers in forestry loading, warehousing and shipping operations, as well as transportation industry safety personnel, will benefit from the course.

1/2 day
Forest Products
Material(s) included with this course
  • Participant Manual