Duly Diligent Mining Supervisor

This course has been developed to help familiarize participants with the important topic of Due Diligence and how it can be applied in the workplace. The course explains the supervisor's role as outlined in legislation; how supervisors can prevent incidents; describes the concept of due diligence and how a supervisor can apply it.


To ensure success in this module, all participants should have taken WSN's Act & Mining Regulations course.

Intended Audience:

This course is intended for supervisors from all mining sectors and health & safety personnel.

Virtual Sessions

This course is offered through instructor-led live virtual training via the Zoom meeting platform. Participants will require an active broadband Internet connection (DSL or greater) and a webcam to participate.

To prepare for your upcoming sessions, please test Zoom on the computer you will be using to attend your sessions. Go to https://zoom.us/test to make sure this platform works for you.

Required equipment/technology:

  • A computer or laptop – use your own device to participate fully in the course.
  • Zoom platform: go to https://zoom.us/test on the computer you will use to make sure you can participate.
  • High speed wi-fi/internet connection
  • Microphone and headphones
  • A webcam (required for attending this certification course)
1 day
Material(s) included with this course
  • Participant Manual- Supervisor's Notebook