Incident Investigation for Industrial Establishments

The purpose of an incident investigation is to determine the cause(s) and recommend controls to prevent recurrences. The immediate cause of an incident is often the result of other contributing factors or underlying causes. Therefore, a proper investigation must be conducted methodically and thoroughly. It would be a critical error to make assumptions and draw conclusions based on initial findings and appearances.

This half-day course reviews the legal requirements for incident investigations as outlined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Regulation 851 for Industrial Establishments. It reviews the key components of an effective incident investigation and includes a detailed workshop that gives participants the chance to conduct a virtual investigation of an incident and report their findings to the class. Course materials also include sample incident report forms and other tools participants can take back to use in their workplace.

Intended Audience:

The course is designed for those who will be carrying out incident investigations in the workplace, or those who will be involved at some point in the process. This could include JHSC members, front-line supervisors, and other workers and managers.

1/2 day
Material(s) included with this course
  • Participant Manual