IPCO Module One: Chainsaw Sharpening & Maintenance

Chainsaw Sharpening and Maintenance is the first of four modules that comprise the mandatory Introduction to Professional Chainsaw Operation training program. The purpose of this module is to explain the elements of the safe and proper service and maintenance of a chainsaw on a day-to-day working basis. This is done by giving operators a detailed familiarity with their chainsaw.

The module reviews the terminology of chainsaw parts and emphasizes the importance of:

  • Chainsaw parts and safety features
  • Saw chain parts
  • Maintenance and sharpening equipment
  • Inspecting a chainsaw, bar and saw chain
  • Cleaning the fan, cooling vanes, and air filter
  • Starter service
  • Setting proper saw chain
  • How a saw chain cutter works
  • Proper sharpening and maintenance
  • Sharpening saw chain cutters
  • Setting depth gauges
  • Kickback and kickback prevention
  • Troubleshooting
  • Setting the idle speed

Intended Audience

The course is intended for new workers or current cutters in logging operations and non-logging operations utilizing chainsaws. Individual elements, modules and adapted areas of the training and curriculum are also useful for safe chainsaw operation training of operators not employed in logging.

1/2 day
Forest Products
Material(s) included with this course
  • Participant Manual
Equipment needed
  • Chainsaw gloves/mitts
  • Chainsaw (ensure chainsaw is purged of fuel)
  • Size and type appropriate for the work normally performed
  • properly sharpened, maintained, and ready to work in full compliance with requirements of applicable legislation, with owner's manual
  • Sharpening and maintenance tools:
    • Combination tool
    • Correct size round file with handle
    • Filing guide
    • Depth gauge tool
    • Flat file with handle
    • Small screwdriver (to fit carburetor adjustment screws)
    • Chainsaw grease gun, rag
    • Spark plug gap tool, wire brush, emery paper
    • Chain owner's manual