Lockout: Control Of Energy Hazards In Forestry Mills

This program is designed to provide information about controlling energy hazards that workers are exposed to when conducting maintenance, repairs or troubleshooting on typical machines, equipment and work processes in the forest industry.

The course material describes procedures and requirements for the creation of a zero-energy state and lockout as the key hazard control measures to protect workers exposed to these hazards. Regular monitoring and enforcement of lockout by supervisors is essential to the success of workplace lockout.

The material in this course is delivered in a classroom format with a workshop component that provides opportunities for group discussion, and question and answer sessions. It also features a review of actual forestry incidents that have led to serious injuries or fatalities.

The course material covers the following topics:

  • Why lockout is necessary
  • The dangers of hazardous energy
  • When lockout is required
  • The employer's and worker's responsibility for lockout
  • The general steps to effective lockout

Intended Audience:

The course is intended for workers and operators in the forestry industry required to lockout equipment or machinery as part of their job responsibility. Supervisors, JHSC members, H&S representatives and employers will also benefit.

1/2 day
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Material(s) included with this course
  • Participant Manual