Mining Industry Signing Authority Audit Workshop

How to conduct a signing authority audit for mining mandatory skills modular training You're invited to attend a half-day workshop on how to meet the requirements of a signing authority audit for mining mandatory skills training.

A signing authority audit is required annually by the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development. According to Ministry guidelines, the audit ensures trainer skills, employee performance, and program quality remain current and at the highest standard throughout the province.

In the workshop, you will learn why it is important to carry out an annual audit, the requirements of the audit, and how to use the Workplace Safety North (WSN) Signing Authority Audit Template.

The signing authority audit helps to demonstrate the assessment of the quality of training, maintenance of training records, and competency of company employees for modular accreditation.

WSN developed the Signing Authority Audit Template to ensure organizations have the information they need to successfully complete the required Ontario Mining Industry Signing Authority Audit.

Signing authorities and anyone accountable for modular training program audit requirements will benefit from this workshop.

You can also view and download Mining Industry Signing Authority Audit Resources

2023-2024 Signing Authority Audit Workshop (choose one date)

4 Hours
Material(s) included with this course
  • Participant Manual