Incident Investigation: Mining

This course will introduce the participants to the investigation process and provide participants with the basic skills and knowledge required to conduct effective incident investigations at underground mining operations.

This course meets the knowledge requirements for a portion of the module Follow Safety Program of the Common Core for First Line Supervisors (including Program #770121 and #770131).

To become fully accredited under the supervisory common core programs, participants must return to their workplace and demonstrate to a qualified trainer their skills and their understanding of the company's specific requirements according to government legislation, company standards and manufacturer specifications for incident investigation.


To ensure success in this module, all participants should have taken WSN's Act & Mining Regulations and Introduction to Mining Safety Programs courses.

Intended Audience:

This course is intended for underground supervisors, JHSC members, and health & safety personnel.

Virtual Sessions

This course is offered through instructor-led live virtual training via the Zoom meeting platform. Participants will require an active broadband Internet connection (DSL or greater) and a webcam to participate.

To prepare for your upcoming sessions, please test Zoom on the computer you will be using to attend your sessions. Go to to make sure this platform works for you.

Required equipment/technology:

  • A computer or laptop – use your own device to participate fully in the course.
  • Zoom platform: go to on the computer you will use to make sure you can participate.
  • High speed wi-fi/internet connection
  • Microphone and headphones
  • A webcam (required for attending this certification course)
2 days
Material(s) included with this course
  • Participant Manual
Equipment needed

For all Supervisory Common Core sessions, please bring your copy of the OHSA Reg 854 for Mines and Mining Plants: reference copies will be available at the session.